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A Good Time to Start a Computer Repair Business? lists The Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now. “Repair Services” is #16 on their slideshow. Specifically, “personal electronics repair shops” is mentioned. The trick for the computer guru tends to be the marketing aspect, which this site aims to focus on. Technibble does a great job at covering the technical aspects. Here […]

Dealing With All Types of Customers

If you’re thinking of starting or are just starting a computer repair or other tech related business, you need to be able to deal with customers of all types. Each day is a new adventure, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along. There are many types of customers you […]

Will You Need Sales Skills?

Do you want to be really successful? Then yes. You’re going to need a range of soft skills. Most computer technicians aren’t salesman; they are from from it, and that is the last thing they’d want to get involved with. However, that is precisely why Geek Squad has been successful – they’ve bridged the gap […]

What it Takes to Start a Virus Removal Business

Don’t rent office space. Here’s what you do need […]

Is Computer Repair for You?

You are aspiring to start your own tech business, or perhaps leave Geek Squad and quadruple your hourly rate […]