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How to Start a Computer Business Using Subcontractors

Most aspiring business owners do not start with the consideration that they won’t be doing the labor themselves. When it comes to running a computer repair business, actually repairing computers can be a big distraction from managing the business. For this reason, it may be worth considering starting out by hiring contractors to do the […]

Yext Advertising for the PC Biz: Worth It?

Yext, a lead-generation service, is supposed to generate calls for your business, charging you only for the legitimate ones. I called up a Yext rep looking for their rates in a region that can expect $15/phone lead. The rep told me that they were charging charging $30/lead in this region. Seems kinda high. Doing some […]

Computer Repair Businesses Wanted: We’ll Advertise YOU

Do you wish your computer repair business received more search engine traffic, yet desire to focus exclusively on computer repairs and not SEO/SEM? If so, you may be in luck: BienTek is launching a computer repair business advertising initiative. Now, computer repair businesses looking for help with search engine marketing & optimization can get it […]

Computer Repair Guest Posts Wanted

Looking to guest post? Want some free exposure for your computer repair business? VirusRemovalBusiness is looking for articles covering: virus removals: tips and virus removal processes computer repair biz startups: ideas, strategies, stories marketing a computer business related topics If you’d like to guest post an original article, send an email to (replacing the […]

How to Get More Free Traffic to Your Computer Repair Website

Every computer repair business owner could use more traffic from search engines. This article describes the free methods that increase your computer repair site’s rankings in search engines (Non-free tactics are covered here). Just be careful not to rely on this traffic for more than 50% of your customers. I recently surveyed the top ranking […]


Now that Wal-Mart is going to have its own version of the Geek Squad, we can expect more price competition for computer repair services. Better start building a reputation of quality service, not just low prices, to ensure that your business stays competitive.

The Danger of Relying on Google for Your Computer Repair Business

Google controls well over half of the United States’ search market share. Your computer repair businesses may rely pretty heavily on it to bring in new customers. What happens if overnight your business is removed from Google’s search results? Unfortunately, there are ways that your competition could get you banned or significantly punished in the […]

Get More Business with a Computer Repair Coupon

Some people won’t use your services unless they feel they are getting a deal or a “special.” If your area has local coupon mailers or online printable coupons, you might issue computer repair coupons locally to get business from those deal-seekers. For example, BienTek releases computer repair coupons on a local online printable coupons site. […]

Show Relevance with a Photo.

After adding a photo to my computer repair business’s website, conversions (view to call ratios) increased pretty dramatically and I started getting complements on my website. The photo license cost $1. The estimated gain was surely over $100. I chose an image that represents my target audience using the computer. Make sure your photo is […]

Computer Repair Mastermind Group

Special invitation for select computer business professionals. You’re invited to be part of the Computer Repair Mastermind group. A Mastermind group is just like the forums but we’ll be having a discussion via Skype for about 30 minutes. A member of our forum and full-time onsite computer repair specialist, Demosthenes, will be hosting the first […]