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Should You Include Rates on Your Website?

In the Forum, Kev discusses his rationale for providing a price over the phone instead of your website. Adding to what he stated, the decision of whether to list your prices for computer repair services comes down to several factors: if your business has competitive pricing, then these rates should be displayed prominently in your […]

Yext Advertising for the PC Biz: Worth It?

Yext, a lead-generation service, is supposed to generate calls for your business, charging you only for the legitimate ones. I called up a Yext rep looking for their rates in a region that can expect $15/phone lead. The rep told me that they were charging charging $30/lead in this region. Seems kinda high. Doing some […]

How to Profit from the Unprofitable

Here we learn to deal with what would normally be an unprofitable job. Suppose you’re speaking with a prospect who you can tell is going to be very demanding, or who is requesting your services for the type of work that you are uninterested in doing. The best ways to handle these situations include: raising […]

Will You Need Sales Skills?

Do you want to be really successful? Then yes. You’re going to need a range of soft skills. Most computer technicians aren’t salesman; they are from from it, and that is the last thing they’d want to get involved with. However, that is precisely why Geek Squad has been successful – they’ve bridged the gap […]