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Should Computer Repair Businesses Advertise on Groupon?

In a computer repair thread, CallThatGirl asks about advertising her business on Groupon. The trouble with Groupon for service businesses is that your production capacity is limited by the number of employees you have, and unless you have a large number of employees that aren’t keeping busy, you might get overwhelmed with the short burst […]

Should Your Businesses Advertise on AngiesList?

Is it worth it to Advertise on AngiesList? Some people think the system is a scam. That’s no big surprise to find some negative feedback, given the size of AngiesList. If your AngiesList sales rep tries to get you to buy a package, and you decline, it’s likely he’ll come back later with a discount […]

PC Business Advertising Strategy: Buy Out the Yellow Pages

Based on the first 8 results of a search I performed on, it would seem that a certain company owns them! I wonder how it’s working for them, and how much it costs. One way to advertise your computer repair business is to ensure that it looks like you’re the only choice customers have. […]