Fake Hard Drive Error Virus Removal

BienTek, a Southeast Michigan computer services and virus removal business, reports seeing an abundance of fake hard drive error viruses lately.

These viruses typically hide documents and desktop files. Messages warn of “IDE or SATA” failures and suggest paying to get a version of their “repair utility” to fix the issue. These fake programs usually seek to obtain your credit card information to get your files back. They are essentially ransomware, since they are holding files for ransom.

Other symptoms:

  • you cannot browse the web
  • you cannot run your antivirus program, or other programs
  • your desktop wallpaper has changed
  • your computer is grinding to a halt
  • the only icon left on the desktop is your recycle bin
  • various error messages, coming from unfamiliar programs

The safest solution after an attack is to begin by backing up your computer using a hard disk clone utility. This is done offline, so the virus doesn’t have a chance to delete any files or do further damage. Next, a virus removal is performed as normal. Hidden files can usually be restored by resetting their “hidden” properties. In special cases, the files need to be decrypted using a known password, depending on the virus.

As usual, running a number of available antivirus tools usually does the trick.

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