How to Start a Computer Business Using Subcontractors

Most aspiring business owners do not start with the consideration that they won’t be doing the labor themselves. When it comes to running a computer repair business, actually repairing computers can be a big distraction from managing the business. For this reason, it may be worth considering starting out by hiring contractors to do the work, and spending your time on the marketing of your business. The majority of your time will probably be spent partnering with new contractors, communicating with customers & contractors, and marketing your business.

The goal of running a contractor-based business is to automate as much as possible, so that you can focus on growth, keeping scalability and expansion in mind. This approach is not without challenges, however; management, communication, and advertising need to be automated as much as possible to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Some more of the pros and cons of running a subcontractor-based business are discussed here.

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