The Danger of Relying on Google for Your Computer Repair Business

Google controls well over half of the United States’ search market share. Your computer repair businesses may rely pretty heavily on it to bring in new customers. What happens if overnight your business is removed from Google’s search results? Unfortunately, there are ways that your competition could get you banned or significantly punished in the SERPs.

Google deals with billions of websites. Most of the sites it sees are spam or garbage. Google (and other SE’s) have automated systems to classify and penalize websites. If a smart competitor understands the classification system, then he can make you look like you are using Black Hat techniques to promote your site, getting you banned or penalized.

I won’t get into the details, but I will state that I have been the target of an obvious attack – I suspect by a competitor – and that my rankings suffered immediately. When I tried to reach Google, I received the usual corporate cut-and-paste reply that says “Google cares”, but means “Google doesn’t have time to deal with you”. This is your warning that a competitor could take you out. Bottom line: diversify your advertising, and try not to rely too heavily on Google. Find out ways to get new customers other than the web. Small businesses are at the greatest risk – Since Google has decided that they do not have the resources to speak with the little guy, you are out of luck if you run into trouble.

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