The Rise of Tablets

In a followup to Is the End of PC Repair Near?, a new article from the Los Angeles Times discusses the rise of tablet computers, and the decline of PCs. Some article highlights reflect the discussion that has taken place around whether the PC repair industry will be around in a few years, including points like the following:

Many computer users still prefer the laptop’s physical keyboard for writing. And unlike PCs, tablets don’t yet allow users to burn CDs or DVDs, play more graphics-intensive video games or store large music and photo collections. And with the glacial pace at which many companies replace workstations, the millions of PCs parked on cubicle desks around the world aren’t likely to disappear overnight.

Tablets, with their limited screen size and lack of a keyboard, are not yet as effective for tasks that involve a great deal of typing or creative work. They are still a rare sight on college campuses, where students need the versatility of laptops to crunch numbers and write long papers.

Ultimately, technicians are going to find opportunity in tablet repair, although the market does not seem like it will be as profitable as traditional computer repair once was. It seems that one of the first changes the computer tech is going to need to make to stay afloat starting now is to increase his focus on providing services for the business market.

Update June 19th: “we will see the end of PCs within a decade” according to Adam Bosworth in a TechCrunch article.

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