Tools of the Trade – Software Essentials for PC Repair

Running your own repair business means finding the best tools to help your customers. Unlike repairing computers for friends and family, you are now doing this for profit, which means that licensing agreement is a lot more important. Many free tools are only for personal use- commercial use requires expensive licensing.

You don’t need to spend hundreds (or sometimes thousands!) on software to run your repair business. If you know where to look, there’s still plenty of free and useful tools available for business use. Here’s just a few of our favorites:


For systems that are almost unusable from infections, ComboFix is invaluable. This powerful tool scans for everything from PUPs to rootkits and after removing everything, displays a detailed log that can point towards infections it didn’t remove. While it won’t run on Windows 8.1, it’ll go a long way in cleaning up any other Windows system.


Another excellent removal tool, HouseCall works on all modern Windows and Mac systems. Like ComboFix, it’ll scan for viruses, PUPs, rootkits and other threats. HouseCall offers greater flexibility with multiple scanning options with their quick scan typically taking less than fifteen minutes.

Hiren’s BootCD

Where to start with this one? Hiren’s BootCD has freeware for just about every purpose- virus removal, system backup, driver tools, hard drive diagnostics and more, this disc is essential for any tech shop.


WinDirStat’s beauty is in its simplicity. A quick scan of your hard drives will create a visual map of data usage, allowing you to see exactly what applications and files are taking up more space than they should. The map is fully interactable as well, letting you delete files or navigate directly to subfolders.

AVG Free

While AVG Free has gotten pushier in trying to convince you to purchase the full version, this antivirus program is still the best free solution available- in our humble opinion. If your customers don’t have any AV protection, this is a great place to start- just remember to turn on Scheduled Scans, it’s disabled by default.

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